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Welcome to the Online Headquarters of the Brookhaven Town Repubican Committee. The most exciting and effective way to join a team protecting taxpayers and improving our quality of life in our town is to become involved with the BTRC.

We will help you connect with other community minded Republicans through clubs, events, email alerts, officials and candidates committed to the principles of lower taxes, smaller government, safer neighborhoods and changing Brookhaven for the better.

- Jesse Garcia, Chairman

To:    Members, Supporters & Friends of the BTRC
From:    Jesse Garcia, Chairman
I want to take this opportunity to share with you a statement I issued the press today regarding the campaign donations and financial sources of insurgent George Demos.
I think it is important for you as valued Members, Supporters and Friends of our Republican Committee share with your friend and neighbors the truth about the Congressional race, the raiding of our Party and what truly is at stake for all of our futures.
Republican Chairman Slams George Demos as 'Liar'
Calls His Latest Congressional Campaign Another Embarrassing Charade
Coram, NY:    Jesse Garcia, Chairman of the Brookhaven Town Republican Committee, issued the following statement in response to the fundraising report just released by Congressional candidate, George Demos.
George Demos’ latest fundraising report exposes him for what he a really is—a liar shamelessly manipulating the facts to ultimately benefit democrats. Look at the numbers:
•     100 of his 250 donations are from California
•     $150,000 of the $200,000 raised is from California
•     $4000 of the total amount of funding for his campaign is from the First Congressional District of New York
"George Demos is funding his untruthful, nasty crash and burn campaign attack ads with millions of dollars suspiciously funneled to him from Angelo Psakopoulos, a prominent liberal democrat and business partner of Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi. Psakopoulos is one of the largest west coast bundlers and donors of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.
"These numbers shine light on the fact that Demos has no local ties to our community and even worse, he clearly has no interest in building them, given that he’s collected nearly 100% of his funding from outside the First Congressional District.
"In fact, only $4,000 actually came from inside the First Congressional District, and $1,000 of that came from his campaign consultant who he pays $20,000 per month, and who also doesn’t actually live in our District!
"It is so clear that he has been planted in the First Congressional District to spread lies and spoil the election so that this seat can stay in the democratic hands of Tim Bishop.
"His presence in this election is an insult to true Conservative Republicans, but worse, it’s an insult to Long Islanders who deserve the respect of honest candidates. The numbers speak for themselves.
“Democrat Stalking Horse George Demos should end his charade and remove himself from this race. If he wants to run for Congress, he should run as a Democrat in California, because that is where all of his money is coming from.”