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Thank You for a Historic, Successful Election

The Brookhaven Republican Committee:

Yeah, All We Do is Beat Democrats…


Dear Committee Members, Volunteers & Friends of the Brookhaven Republican Party,


It has been a few days since one of the most historic Election Night’s in the last 20 years of Brookhaven and Suffolk politics and I wanted to afford our great candidates the opportunity to express to you, the heart of our Committee, great thanks for all you did to make 2014 so very special.


I want to add my voice to the chorus of thanks and great praise you – the Committee Members, Volunteers and Friends of the Brookhaven Town Republican Party – earned on Tuesday Night when we completed a ‘Clean Sweep’ of all the contested races on the ballot. 


Your hard work and commitment sounded a loud, long alarm heard not only in Suffolk, but throughout the State, that the Brookhaven Town Republican Committee DELIVERS when it matters – All We Do is Beat Democrats!


We all know that the process of electing Lee Zeldin to Congress, Neil Foley to the Brookhaven Town Board, John Kennedy as our new County Comptroller, Tom Croci to the State Senate, sending Dean Murray back to Albany, electing Linda Kevins to the Sixth District Court, and returning all of our incumbents truly began many months ago after two petition programs and thousands of doors knocked on by volunteers.


We went into the last weekend poised for victory, and YOU were not going to let it slip through our fingers.  For years all we heard was about the Democrat’s vaunted GOTV. 


But that has not been the case these last couple of years in Brookhaven; and, it certainly wasn’t going to happen this past Election Day.  This year we shut them out because you earned it!


On Tuesday, for the whole State Republican establishment to witness an army of BTRC Members, Volunteers and Friends took every block, every door for our candidates as part of our GET OUT THE VOTE effort. This year, you out-worked them.


On Election Day, you went out and TOOK three seats back previously held by Democrats and three MORE open seats.  And at the end of Tuesday night, you proved again that you are the heart and soul of the greatest Republican Organization in the State.


This is your time. Their time, the Democrats, is done. It’s over. This is our time to show the people of Brookhaven, the County, the state and our nation that our elected officials can govern for the people.


So, once again, THANK YOU for your commitment and dedication to your Republican Party.  I am honored and humbled for the unique privilege to serve as your Town Chairman. 


God Bless You and Your Families.

- Jesse Garcia, Chairman




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- Jesse Garcia, Chairman

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- Jesse Garcia, Chairman